The garden

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The Mulino di Rimaggio is surrounded by a spacious garden that stretches from the banks of the stream to the road. The garden is full of movement with different areas all with their own particular characteristics.
Round the pool there is plenty of space to enjoy the summer sun. A short distance away, hidden by a raised verge to protect your privacy, a gently sloping lawn offers the beauty and perfume of the sweet smelling bushes and aromatic herbs typical of the Tuscan vegetation: lavender, rosemary, wild roses, cystus and sage. We deliberately used plants and herbs that grow naturally in the area. Each apartments has its own well organised, harmonious green area where our guests can enjoy the cool of their own apartment. Along the banks of the Rimaggio Stream grow majestic walnut trees, poplars, willows, acacias and oaks. On the other side of the Stream a thriving mixed deciduous woodland is populated by little guests like sparrows, robins, kingfishers, blue tits and chaffinches. Every spring these birds with their joyful songs nest in the trees on the banks of the stream and entertain our guests with their music.

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